The Valuable Marketplace

Trade has been around for thousands of years, in the world we live in today we are using money as our current tool of trade.

People that don't like money have a severe misunderstanding of it, money is merely a tool to add value to our lives as well as value to the lives of those around us. 

When we give of our time in a workplace we are remunerated by way of money. We then use this money to purchase things that we feel will add value to our lives, education, holidays, hobbies, a home, you get the idea.

So why is it some people are richer than others? 

These people have discovered the truth in life, the more value we add to the lives of those around us, the more we receive in return and often it is in a financial sense.

We are paid for the value we bring to the world marketplace.

This by no means says that you aren't a valuable human being, it is purely a reflection of the value you are adding to billions of lives around the world. 

So how can we increase what we earn?

This is the easiest part to understand but the hardest part to execute. We need to apply ourselves to daily study, broaden our knowledge and increase our skills. This takes discipline, clearly defined goals and daily action.

Understand that the world is a marketplace and we need to be able to serve and add value. Once you understand this basic principle the world can effectively become your playground and you realise that literally anything is possible, all you need is time to learn and the right plan to achieve a life beyond your wildest imaginings.

Do something you love because every day you are trading your life for it.

Easy ways to increase your value:

Take on extra unpaid work in your job to learn something new.

Find a mentor and learn something from them every day.

Study something that interests you and take as many classes and courses as you can.

Go to seminars and events of the industry you are interested in. 

Network with people in the industry and be open to learning something from every person you meet.Understand that be a success everyone has something to teach you.

Take daily action in some way shape or form. 

Teach people what you have learnt because as they learn it once you learn it once more.

Build on your momentum and always be working towards a short term and a long term goal.

Posted 07 March 2020