Stop Coasting Start Living

Why is it some people fail whilst other succeed?
Why is it some people seem to have the magic touch whilst others can't seem to catch a break.

The answer is simple: Goals

When we have goals we have a definite point we are aiming towards, we have a destination in mind and no matter how the road to our goal twists and turns we can adapt and change to the climate and we keep moving forward.

When we don't have goals we are leaving our lives to the fate and mercy of our basic standards as well as other people's decisions.

When you're not working on your dreams, you're working on someone else's.

When I first heard this I automatically related it to work and business, if I wasn't working on my business and I was continually working for an employer then I was working towards the goals and dreams of their business. I was at the mercy of the wage they determined I was worth. I was only paid for the time I put into the company (although not really because how many people especially in this day and age work longer hours and are never paid for it?)

Then it dawned on me, this isn't just relatable to business, this is relatable to all of us in our relationships too. If we don't have a set goal we are working towards in a relationship, we can end up being railroaded and working towards the others goals and dreams and one day we wake up and we have achieved virtually nothing that we had actually planned to do in our lives.

But it isn't just romantic relationships, think about your relationship with friends, family, even yourself.
Once you start clearly writing out your future and defining the goals for your life, how you want to feel, how you want to look, how you want to live, what lifestyle you want to have, you are now in control and every decision you make here on out, you KNOW will affect the performance of your life goals.

Ever had a friend that when you're together you both seem to spend most of your money on buying a lot of stuff that you wanted but didn't actually need? And once the novelty of your new stuff wore off you're feeling deflated at your lack of discipline and the retail therapy hangover sets in? You'll find that this behaviour practically disappears once you have goals because you have a far more compelling vision you are working towards than just buying the latest trendy products.

Make sure you have goals in every area of your life,

here's a basic list which you can build upon:





Now I'm not saying writing and achieving goals is easy, but you need to make your goals big enough and important enough to you that it compels you to change your self-sabotaging behaviour. So let's say you wanted to travel and you started saving money, then something happens like the car breaks down, it's soooo easy to dip into your savings because it's just this ooonnnnneeee time....

But what happens?

Over time something else will come up, then something else, then something else and it just goes on and on and you never get over the first hurdle.

Now let's say you have just found a really compelling reason, let's say something terrible has happened to someone you love, how quickly and easily will you be able to save money to go see them or help them any way you can?

You now have a compelling enough reason to shift your savings mentality and you find nothing will stop you from achieving your goals. Car breaks down? No problem, I'll walk or catch public transport.
Just lost your job? No problem, I will send out 100 resumes a day and go business to business asking if they need any help.

When we attach an emotion to something we want so profoundly, it amplifies the importance of the goal and nothing short of an apocalypse will stop you achieving it.

Posted 05 December 2019