Making Time

Check your phone. Sip your coffee. Reply to a text. Tweet an update.

In today’s modern life, having time to yourself can be but a distant dream to most. With the growing pressure of a constant social media presence, it can be almost impossible to find a moment of me-time. A moment to breathe, a moment to relax, a moment to think about nothing at all.

Between running errands, going to work and trying to find 7-8 hours of a sleep night, the very idea of me-time can be a laughable topic to most.

Here at Jamie Kira, we don’t strive to find time to ourselves – we just do it. Here are our 5 tips on how to ACTUALLY find time for yourself:

The easiest way to find time for yourself is to take advantage of the situations you're placed in, and here we start with bed. If you haven't heard of beditation, it's the latest sleep trend that is sweeping across the country. It's all about mindfulness, and making a conscious effort to spend the first 5-10 minutes of being awake in bed just focusing on yourself. You don't need to think about the day ahead or plan what you're going to wear - it's all about just taking time to yourself, focusing on deep breaths and setting a positive mind-set for the day.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but studies have shown again and again the positive impact that daily exercise can have on our mood, health and mindset. Promise to yourself that you’ll fit in daily exercise – it doesn’t matter if it’s a brisk walk during your lunch break or a super early start to the day. Relish in the release of all the good endorphins and enjoy your alone time while you exercise. It’s actually a lot easier to focus on yourself when you’re exercising, because you’re doing something that is totally dedicated to yourself – you go girl (or guy)!

If beditation didn’t tickle your fancy, how about ‘Mindful Eating’. This strategy gets people to focus on the enjoyment of eating their meal, and nothing else. No Netflix, magazine or TV – just 100% focus on the food you’re consuming. The concept behind it? By exerting all of your energy into focusing on what you’re eating, you’ll pay even more attention to your food, you’ll slow down while you’re eating it and you’ll actually focus on whether it’s genuinely good for your body. Plus, studies have shown that when you properly practice mindful eating, it can assist with weight loss and a positive mind-set – talk about #winning!

Before you groan aloud, we’re not here to tell you to ditch the screens completely. In fact, we love our Netflix & Chill time, but we love genuinely putting down the technology and resorting to an ol’ fashioned novel as well. Doesn’t have to be an intense read, just something that you’ve maybe wanted to read but haven’t had the time – a magazine, novel or your friend’s new poetry book (eek, okay maybe not that one!).

The most important thing about having me-time is committing to it, and this can be a big step for a lot of people. Grab your diary right now, and have a glance at the coming week. You’ve probably got a few work meetings and maybe a catch up with friends scheduled in there as well. Less likely? Time to yourself. It sounds like a silly concept, but by blacking out time in your calendar and devoting it to me-time, you’re 100 x more likely to actually commit to it. Whether it’s a hot bath with candles and a glass of wine, or going shopping and treating yo’ self – it’s time we all need and ALL deserve. 

Written by Ellie Parker for Jamie Kira.

Posted 06 November 2019