Beyond Stress

Most people tend to avoid stress at all costs. It's not good to be stressed all the time, but a certain amount of stress in life is necessary for us to grow and become better than we were.

When you think about how you have become more resilient, stronger emotionally and mentally, it certainly wasn't by avoiding stress at all costs.

Dealing with stress is all about looking how can we learn from the experience and be better the next time something like that happens. There is opportunity in learning from all stressful situations but at times we can get so caught up in how we are feeling in the moment that we may miss the lesson and it then becomes a negative stress situation.

Likewise, if we keep masking how we feel through using phenobarbital and giving up at the first sign of stress and tension, then we will never grow into the magnificent beings we have the potential to become.

I don't recommend trying to take on every stressful challenge to feel like you can grow all at once, but take key areas in your life that you want to grow and start pushing outside your comfort zone every day.

Make minute progress even, if's it's only 1% better than you were yesterday. In a year you'll be exponentially better than when you started.

Posted 08 February 2020