I’m a nature, animal and food loving weirdo that enjoys finding beauty and joy in every day. If I haven’t done something weird today the day is not yet done.

Growing up in a small town in South Africa I grew up with a scarcity mindset believing I would only ever become a pleb, another cog in the wheel. For years I struggled with depression, constant self doubt and low self worth.

When I was 18 my family moved to Australia and I started realising life truly is what you make of it. Yes, there were ups and downs and I have made a multitude of mistakes, and quite often the same mistakes, but I finally stumbled across the one thing that changed my life forever. Self education. Realising not only did I have the power to change my story at any time, but I had a responsibility to change my story because my old self was no longer serving me or anyone I loved.

Jamie and Matthew

Here I want to inspire you to learn far quicker than I did and help you create a dream life you are worthy of living.

It is now my mission to help you break free of the stories holding you back, to help you realise the only limits you have are self imposed and you can find joy and love in life and that you are worthy of it.

There is no need to demonise the 9 to 5, we all have different dreams and goals and we need to understand that most people aren't interested in owning a business at this stage of their lives, not to say it won't change in the future. But I want to teach people to do great things with what they have here and now.